William James Tychonievich

William James Tychonievich is the main English teacher at Eton Royal English School. He comes from the United States, where he has lived in several different states (North Carolina, New Hampshire, Maryland, Ohio, and Utah).

William James Tychonievich 是伊敦皇家英語的主要英文授課老師。他來自美國,並且在許多州居住過,如:北卡羅來納州,新罕布什爾州,馬里蘭州,俄亥俄州和猶他州。

Unlike most English teachers in Taiwan, William has a degree in linguistics — the science of language. He studied at Ohio State University, which has one of the world’s best linguistics departments. (It ranks 9th in the U.S. — higher than Yale, Columbia, and Princeton — and 20th in the world. See here.) He graduated summa cum laude and received the Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Scholarship.

不像是台灣的其他外師,William 擁有語言學(語言科學的一種)學位,他畢業於美國俄亥俄州立大學,該大學擁有世界上最好的語言學系之一,該系全美排名第九,比耶魯大學,哥倫比亞大學和普林斯頓大學還高,在全球排名第20位。他以優異的成績畢業,並獲得科學卓越獎學金。

William’s linguistics background means he has a much deeper understanding of grammar than most foreign teachers. It also means he’s familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet (which KK symbols are based on) and can explain correct pronunciation in detail.

William 的語言學背景讓他比起其他外師擁有更多的文法相關知識,而這也意味著他非常熟悉國際音標(台灣的KK音標也根據此音標),並且可以詳細解釋正確的發音。

William has been teaching English in Taiwan since 2004 and has taught all kinds of students. He’s taught at cram schools, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, and universities. He’s taught engineers and salespeople at several different companies, doctors at the hospital, and scientists at a research center. He’s taught special classes on public speaking skills for businesspeople, and he’s taught high-level grammar classes for other English teachers. Besides his work in Taiwan, William has also taught English and linguistics in the U.S. and Korea, and he’s worked as an assistant to a linguistics professor at Ohio State University.


Because of his long experience teaching in Taiwan, William knows what kinds of English mistakes Chinese speakers often make and what points are especially difficult for them. He can point out areas where English is different from Chinese and help you avoid common mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.


William teaches the following courses at Eton: