About William

This blog is maintained by William Tychonievich, owner and instructor at Eton Royal English School in Changhua, Taiwan. I’m going to be posting English tips here regularly — useful expressions, common mistakes people make, and that kind of thing.

Unlike most English teachers in Taiwan, I have a degree in linguistics — the science of language. I studied at Ohio State University, which has one of the world’s best linguistics departments. (It ranks 9th in the U.S. — higher than Yale, Columbia, and Princeton — and 20th in the world. See here.) I graduated summa cum laude and received the Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Scholarship.


My linguistics background means I have a much deeper understanding of grammar than most foreign teachers. It also means I’m familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet (which KK symbols are based on) and can explain correct pronunciation in detail.

I’ve been teaching English in Taiwan since 2004, and I’ve taught all kinds of students. I’ve taught at cram schools, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, and universities. I’ve taught engineers and salespeople at several different companies, doctors at the hospital, and scientists at a research center. I’ve taught special classes on public speaking skills for businesspeople, and I’ve taught high-level grammar classes for other English teachers. Besides my work in Taiwan, I’ve also taught English and linguistics in the U.S. and Korea, and I’ve worked as an assistant to a linguistics professor at Ohio State University.

Because of my long experience teaching in Taiwan, I know what kinds of English mistakes Chinese speakers often make and what points are especially difficult for them. I can point out areas where English is different from Chinese and help you avoid common mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

I hope our students find these posts helpful!

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